Hardie Planks The Best Siding For Your Home

3 Best Alternatives To Hardie Plank Siding

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Here we’ll talk about an important plank siding that you should be aware of. Siding is one of the most important elements for the residence that would need remodeling while you undertake house renovation. Basically, it pertains to exteriors of your house as it protects that from environmental effects like water and humidity. As it’s on the exterior of the house, it surely can make your house look more attractive if applied properly. So, you need to be careful while deciding your choice of material to be used.

These days you get too many options as far as sidings are concerned. One of the most preferred siding is Hardie plank siding, of course, and this is why I based my blog about it. Most people are looking for information on this type of home protection and decoration. So it’s natural that homeowners looking for durable siding with graceful texture most often opt for this siding. It is quality made material since it is a complex mixture of cement like material and cellulose fibers but looks exactly like wood. Yet, it scores over wood as it doesn’t decay or fade like wood. It’s tough to beat this and many people know it.

Another reason that makes siding so favorite of homeowners is that it is safer to use, compared to other available options. Unlike wood it is fire resistant indeed. All these characteristics of this siding encourage homeowners to prefer using this plank siding instead of wood or vinyl.

When renovating your house be sure not to overlook all the options at hand. Because of technical innovations, these days you get many siding options apart from just plank siding. Before you come to any conclusion, make sure that this is the type of siding that would go well with your residence and conforms to your standards.

Let’s get into the alternatives. I won’t go into too much detail right now, but it’s quite possible I’ll make another post about each of these individually. You can see my post on vinyl though, where I compare vinyl and hardie.

1. Wood – This is easily one of the most traditional siding options offered by the industry. The most important point in favor of this kind of siding is its highly affordable price. The other verities of sidings, including Hardie plank siding, are quite expensive when compared to wooden sidings. People with very limited budget will find it as their best option.

2. Cedar shingle – This kind of siding is another favorite of many mainly because it has an excellent texture and looks. Of course, it makes your residence look very appealing.

3. Vinyl – This type of siding is derived from good quality vinyl. Its most helpful feature is that it can bear any kind of weather. It’s highly durable as it can easily resist deterioration and therefore doesn’t fade so easily. Moreover, it’s not too expensive an option. As a matter of fact it works out economical than sidings made from wood.

So, if you are in the process of making changes to exteriors and interiors of your residence, you’ll be able to add value to your house by including siding in your plans. Renovation of siding is a sure way of not only increasing the value of your house but also improving the overall atmosphere around it.

Hardie Plank Siding – Popular Choice

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A very vast population in North and South America is patronizing a high technology product like home siding. The product, called Hardie plank siding, is finding favors with most homeowners because of its exceptional characteristics of strength and durability that surpass those of traditional wood and vinyl.

Hardie plank siding is often referred to as “Hardie siding”. It may come as a bit of surprise to you to learn that it derives its name not from its strength and durability, but from the name of its Australian inventor James Hardie, who developed it as a substitute for wood and vinyl for Australian home market. However, at present its applications are not limited in Australia alone, as the whole world is already patronizing it and it has revolutionized the home siding industry.

The looks of a Hardie plank siding very closely resemble that of natural wood. It is manufactured to replicate the texture and grain of a natural wood siding. Many consumers maintain that Hardie siding is an ideal option for being used under extreme weather and climatic conditions because of the resistance it offers to water and fire. Further, it wouldn’t rot or warp and doesn’t get affected by termites and other insects that generally attack traditional wood sidings.

hardie plank siding
One more helpful feature of this siding is that it can retain paint for longer periods than wood. It’s unusual for such a painted siding to show signs of peeling off or getting chipped. But, some of the homeowners like its natural looks so attractive and tempting that they opt to do away with its painting.

Like any other siding, proper installation and maintenance is important to make Hardie plank siding last longer. The installation of Hardie plank siding is so easy that most of the homeowners like to do it without any hired help, thus saving on the cost of installation. You need no special tools, as most of the tools needed for its easy installation are already available with most of the homeowners. The installation doesn’t involve any preparation work or the expertise and experience of a professional. And, the easiest part is its maintenance. You may just wash it with your garden hose and it looks new.

This Australian secret is being shared all over the world today and there is little doubt that this kind of siding is going to be around for very many years to come. Look at the variety of colors and styles to suit the requirements of any discerning buyer at attractive prices! And, to top it all, you have manufacturer’s warranty too. Should you be looking for a new siding or your home, you can ill afford to ignore Hardie plank siding for its matchless durability, strength and looks.

House Exterior Siding Ideas

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If you are constructing a new home or even remodeling the existing one, one aspect that you will not to give a prolonged thought will be the kind of exterior you should have. You will realize it is worth spending sometime to research of your own, as there are many options available. You are required not only to study it from the point of view of safety alone, but also take into consideration the looks of your house, which may look extraordinary, yet blend with the surroundings without making it stand-alone.

One major factor that decides the exterior of homes is its cost. A costly exterior doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better than the other options. You need to consider factors other than the cost too.

Apart from its cost you have to see the durability of the material to withstand the weather and its subsequent maintenance over the years. Over and above all these factors you have to keep in view the looks of other houses in the neighborhood, so that it doesn’t get too conspicuous. For example, a majority of houses in the neighborhood may all have brickwork. Under such circumstances you are not left with any option but to have a similar exterior. Even, deciding the color of bricks may pose a challenge.

We all expect the exterior coverings to last almost a lifetime. Some of the exteriors tend to deteriorate fast in the absence of insufficient maintenance. Wood is an example of such a material, as it would rot and fall apart when not maintained properly. Even Metals like aluminum or steel need periodic maintenance to prevent them from getting corroded or rusted respectively. So, you see every material has its plus and negative features and you have to make a comparative study of the options to decide which would best suit your requirements.

A cement boards sliding is one of the most popular and upcoming choice for exterior coverings. People have continued using it for almost a century and it has proven its worth for new and old homes equally well. It makes an excellent choice as an exterior material because of its characteristic resistance to fire and water and its ability to withstand the harshest of weathers. You would do well to take your time in deciding on an appropriate material for the exterior of your home, because this is not something that you can afford to change or replace so quickly and easily.

DIY Guide To Installing Hardie Siding

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Here’s a step-step guide that enables you install sidings. It’ll help all those who were afraid of taking this as a DIY project and always thought of hiring the services of a professional for doing the needful. You should go thru the whole of this before venturing into it and on not feeling confident at the end of it; you may still hire a professional for doing the job.

You’ll be acting smart by covering the sheathing with house wrap. Leave aside the idea of using ordinary plastic, which could trap moisture, and cause the walls to rot.

How to install your own siding

The first step for installing sidings is to hang the first sheet of wrap from the top of one wall and secure it every few feet with plastic-capped nails. Care should be taken while cutting around doors, windows and mechanical obstructions and a utility knife may be used for the purpose. Then tape or caulk along the edges.

The next step involves the fixing of galvanized metal rain caps over all the doors and windows. Nail each cap in place through its back flange, leaving a margin of at least 1/2 inch above the bend.

The third step is to paint the backside of as many panels as you can before you start the installation. This is to prevent entry of moisture to the panels from their rear side. The paint may be applied with the help of roller that should be kept in a plastic bag after you have finished painting and let the bag be in the refrigerator if you intend using it the next day.

Next, you have to nail a spacer under the first row of siding, so that it inclines at the same angle as the boards above it. You should nail the first row flat.

The fifth activity is to take care of various electrical and mechanical hindrances that you’ll face at this level. The best way to turn around such obstacles and protrusions is to make a cut in the siding at the center of the conduit or pipe, and then join the two pieces together with a metal splice meant for end-to-end siding joints.

The sixth step towards installation of sidings is to measure from the nearest corner to the center of the faucet pipe and deduct 1/8” for the splice. Next, cut the siding and make a notch to fit around the pipe. Fix this piece and cut metal splices to fit above and below the pipe. Caulk the splice pieces and get a matching piece of siding from the other end. Nail it down to its place and caulk the splice on both the sides.

The seventh step is to tell you that while installing new siding around vent pipes; you should measure carefully and cut a hole of the size of the pipe. Slide the siding over the pipe and nail it in place.

And, finally, wherever you encounter a vent pipe passing through the wall, using a saw cut a hole. After fitting the hood, apply caulk.

Cut Hardie Board The Proper Way

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One of the very frequently asked questions is how to cut a hardie plank. Today, I’ll share my experiences with you on the subject as an installer. Cutting one of our favorite exterior materials, hardie plank, is not such a difficult job as it is made out to be. There are many tools available for doing the needful but what matters more is the kind of space available to you.

I mention space, as cutting of a hardie plank produces a lot of dust, which certainly is not very healthy. But, that’s no more an issue now, as quite a few companies have developed special saws and blades especially for the purpose to reduce the quantum of dust produced while cutting this plank.

My number one choice as an installer will be Hardy shears. Brands like Hilti Hardie shears are easily available with local stores like Lowes, and Home Depot. The operation of compact Hardy shears is nearly dustless and easy. There is a small drawback though. That is if you cut very close to the edge of a Hardi Plank, it is liable to break or crumble. Once you are aware of this problem and know how to avoid it, rest is very simple.

You can cut hardie board without the use of any power tools, without producing any dust too. Simply use a utility knife and a straight edge. This is also called a score and snap method. With the help of a sharp utility knife draw a straight line at the desired part of the board. Now, keep the board on a straight edge and just apply pressure on the section of the plank you wish to break and there it is!

However, you may be required to make intricate cuts also in the plank, like say the kind required to go around the door or window trim. These are a bit difficult. Such cuts demand the use of a jigsaw or an angle grinder. However, you’ll need to replace the blades frequently on a jigsaw. A metal cutting blade lasts longer but reduces the speed of cutting.

The other recommended tool is the angle grinder. This comes with a diamond-cutting blade and offers a very efficient way of doing the job. It’s a compact and fast tool that can easily be handled for making smaller cuts. But, once again, it produces a lot of dust and should be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated place.

Those who already have the basic hand and power tools need not spend money for buying a pair of Hardie shears. They can accomplish the job by using a traditional circular saw. Using a basic saw blade causes dust all over the house. It would be desirable to use low dust saws blades that greatly reduce the volume of dust created. Hardie plank saw blades could be incorporated with a table saw for making long rip cuts or angle cuts.

Vinyl Siding Vs Thicker Hardie Siding

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Making plans for installing a siding to your home is much more different than before. This is because you have quite a few options these days. The final choice is governed by the end results you would like to have. In case you are already willing to spend an extra small amount for that much needed extra protection for your home, you may not get a better choice than Hardie board siding. Here’s a strong and unyielding material that remains unspoiled for many years even after a prolonged use and offers many advantages as compared to conventional sidings.

Just for giving a changed look to your home you have the option of using vinyl siding, provided you are in no particular need of providing protection to your home. It works out economical as it offers an easy installation that you may carry yourself. Vinyl siding is available in many colors and textures of varying thickness. It’s available in seamless variety also. But, the difference between Hardie board siding and vinyl lies in its construction. Hardie board siding is thicker and therefore heavier and would generally require the services of a professional for its proper installation, but it has certain outstanding characteristics that enable it to offer better protection against natural elements like water, fire and termites etc.

hardie siding
Once you install a Hardie board siding, it remains there for years and continues looking good. It not only looks like wood, but also gives a similar feel on being touched. However, it doesn’t require recurring expense needed for maintaining a wood siding. Though it may be removed to give your home its original looks, most of the homeowners agree that it adds value to their homes while protecting it from the ill effects of heat or severe storms. Another advantage is that it keeps your home protected from the attacks of termites and other bugs, as it won’t develop cracks. Thus, it enables you home to continue to have its good looks.

vinyl siding
Though there are many people who consider Hardie board siding for the perfect material for their outdoor wall, it is not for everyone. It would be worthwhile to spend sometime online to do your own research and acquaint yourself with the likely benefits that you may derive from such a sliding. You may not opt for one of the other available choices.

Exterior Fiber Cement Siding – A Short Word

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There are a couple of options when it comes to deciding for the best house siding for your home. The truth is, it really depends upon the homeowner to look for the one that best meets his requirements. Hardie siding forms a very popular choice and can be used for many purposes. It’s available in many shapes and different textures that make it a preferred choice of many homeowners.

Exterior cement siding like a Hardie board lasts for very many years. Durability apart, it offers a very easy installation also making it a favorite of many householders. Being weather resistant is another helpful characteristic. It characteristically endures elements of wind, rain, fire and hail for a number of years. It can withstand frequently changing and rough weather. You get it pre-primed and ready to paint. Then, there are some pre-colored sidings that need not be painted on being installed.

This variety of siding is available in many shapes and styles. You may have it in the appearance of wood, brick or vinyl. Though the price is favorably comparable to wood siding, it outlasts wood because of its inherent characteristics as noted above.

fiber cement siding
House siding, because of the long life it is expected to have, is a lifetime investment. It’s not too much to expect it to last for a lifetime of the owner. The total cost of the siding goes to include the cost of quality nails and screws, caulking, trim pieces, moisture barriers and the cost of paint. It will also include the labor charges for its installation and the area it is going to cover. Installation of cement siding is a very easy DIY project and most of the homeowners would generally like to install it themselves. That adds to the economy of this system.

Apart from exterior siding, cement boards of the type of Hardie have many other applications inside the house also. Quite often one finds contractors using this fiber cement board in the bathrooms for walls as well for providing a sub-floor over the existing foundation. When used in the bathroom, this fiber cement board lets the tiles to stick to the walls.

Hardie board siding is but one of the many options that you have for the exterior of your homes. You may very well use stone, stucco, bricks, or real logs to get the looks of a log cabin. You need not rush your decision. It will be time worth spent doing your own research to arrive at the most suitable material for your specific needs. People who already conducted research realized Hardie board to be the best.